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The operating conditions are written in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and international rules on e-commerce.


Sales procedure in the online store:

  • Product selection. Before placing an order, your selected products should be selected in the online store. To do this, click on the “Add to Cart” icon while viewing a specific product.
  • Cart confirmation / order summary. The moment the products are added to the cart, you can access the site where it is located. You can revise your order, change the quantity, add new products and remove them from the cart. A special discount item can be used on this page as well.
  • Login. During this ordering step, you will need to log in and enter your personal information. You can make a purchase as a guest (faster and without compromising your data) or as a registered user.
  • Address. You can choose the delivery address. The address may differ from the address of your residence, which means that the order will go to another address.
  • Delivery. You can select the desired delivery method. During this purchase step, you can add more products to your order.
  • Payment. This step is intended for final verification and confirmation of payment. By clicking on the icon, you confirm that you agree with the submitted order and the terms of sale, and finally confirm your purchase.

Landing page sales procedure:

  • Product selection. The product on the page has already been selected.
  • Delivery information. During this purchase step, you must enter your personal purchase information in the form provided.
  • Delivery. You can select the preferred delivery method (provided options are offered)
  • Payment. This step is intended for final verification and confirmation of payment. By clicking on the icon, you confirm that you agree with the submitted order and the terms of sale, and finally confirm your purchase.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation of your order to your email address. In addition to all the legally required information about the order itself, the certificate also includes the general terms of business on a durable medium that represents a contract between the buyer and the seller. Any cancellation or change of the order must be reported to the email address of the store manager before the products start the delivery process. In the event that the buyer does not cancel his order within the agreed time, it means that the contract for the purchase of products between the buyer and the seller is irrevocably concluded. After this period, the buyer has the right to return the goods in accordance with items 4 and 5 of these General Terms and Conditions. The sales contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded in the online store at the moment when the seller sends the buyer an e-mail “Confirmation of the order and shipment of goods”. From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer. The buyer is considered to be the person whose data are listed with the order. Subsequent changes to customer data are not possible. The sales contract (i.e. the “Order and Shipment Confirmation” email) is stored electronically on the seller’s server.


All prices are listed on the final price website and include all fees and taxes. The price of the product with VAT is listed on the order page. The regular price, the price, sometimes as a crossed price on the page, refers to orders in our branch without the use of a shopping cart online and without submitting your data. A promotional or promotional price, which is usually lower than the regular price, applies to orders over the Internet, email or phone. Despite great efforts to provide up-to-date and accurate data, price data may not be accurate. Discounts, promotional codes, etc. are generally not added up, while product discounts and promotional codes are added up. Favorable offers, sales and promotions are valid until the sale of the last product, ie until the specified deadline. Delivery / postage is subject to change and is subject to an additional charge. Prices are valid at the time of order and have no pre-determined validity. The sales contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the seller confirms the order. From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to the seller and the buyer. The seller reserves the right to change prices. In this case, the buyer will be notified in writing or orally, and the possibility of withdrawing from the contract is offered. You can choose one or more payment methods (depending on the product): From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to the seller and the buyer. The seller reserves the right to change prices. In this case, the buyer will be notified in writing or orally, and the possibility of withdrawing from the contract is offered. You can choose one or more payment methods (depending on the product): From that moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to the seller and the buyer. The seller reserves the right to change prices. In this case, the buyer will be notified in writing or orally, and the possibility of withdrawing from the contract is offered. You can choose one or more payment methods (depending on the product):

  • Cash when picking up the package through the courier service Packeta
    International sro
  • PayPal if this is indicated on the sales page as a possible payment method
  • via the payment or credit card payment interface if this is indicated on the sales page as a possible method of payment
  • payment order if it is indicated on the sales page as a possible method of payment

The seller issues an invoice on a durable medium. There may be errors in the product descriptions. We reserve the right to change product prices without prior notice. In case of non-payment of goods, the buyer agrees that the seller with a warning also sends a printout “Balance of loans and outstanding receivables” where the possible amount of uncollected receivables is visible, and a new payment order will be helpful.

If the customer chooses a delivery method that is not proposed by the company, and the chosen method is more expensive, the company is not obliged to reimburse additional shipping costs.


We will send you the goods you ordered via our website as soon as possible. Orders received by 2 pm on working days will be sent to the
delivered address on the same day. If the ordered goods are not in stock, we will notify you immediately. It is delivered only in Europe.
The delivery of goods is taken care of by the company Packeta International sro, usually the next day or no later than 3 days after
the shipment of goods. The courier will most likely pick you up at your home address before noon, and if you are not there, you will be able to
pick up the shipment at the nearest post office or other courier service partner. The unique price for delivery is 6,99€. We reserve the right to
change the contractual partner for the delivery of shipments.


The buyer must notify the seller in writing of the intention to withdraw from the purchase no later than 14 days after receipt of the product. The buyer must use the seller’s email address and attach a completed form. The information given above refers exclusively to persons who have purchased the product without the intention of making additional profit. The buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred in returning the object of purchase. Items must not have visible signs of use and their number must remain unchanged. In the case of products whose durability is affected by opening, the products must remain packaged. The products must be undamaged and preferably in the original packaging. The customer can inspect and test the product to the extent that allows him to determine the actual condition of the product. The original or a copy of the invoice that the customer receives with the delivered goods must be attached. The seller is not obliged to accept redemption shipments or shipments that do not comply with the general terms and conditions of the seller. The purchase price can be returned to the buyer as soon as possible, and no later than 14 days after receiving the cancellation notice, to the buyer’s transaction account. The buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred by returning the purchased item.

The customer can terminate the contract even after the contract is concluded, but before receiving the product, ie during the 14-day notice period.

If the returned product is damaged or used to a greater extent than necessary to test the product, the company has the right to charge a fee for use.

The customer is not entitled to terminate the contract in the case of a product that is made according to the exact instructions of the customer, which is tailored to his personal needs or is not suitable for a refund. In addition, if the product is easily perishable or has already expired, a refund is also not possible. The Client has no right to terminate the contract in case of purchase of software, audio or video media with which security protection has been removed.

Termination of the contract is not possible for the following products:
Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the buyer has no right to terminate the contract referred to in paragraph 1 of this article:

  • goods produced according to the exact instructions of the customer and adapted to his personal needs;
  • perishable goods or goods that have a short shelf life;
  • sealed audio, video and computer programs;
  • newspapers, magazines or journals, other than subscription agreements for such publications;
  • sealed goods that are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene standards if the buyer broke the protection after delivery;
  • delivery of goods which, due to their composition, are inseparably mixed with other items;
  • delivery of alcoholic beverages whose price was agreed at the time of concluding the contract and whose delivery may take up to 30 days, as their actual value depends on changes in the market over which the company has no influence;
  • sales concluded at public auctions;
  • delivery of digital content that is not delivered on a tangible medium if the service is initiated on the basis of the customer’s explicit prior consent and has thus agreed to the loss of the possibility of terminating the contract.

If the buyer does not accept the shipped items within the specified time period, the product will be delivered to the seller and will be stored at the seller’s warehouse address. The seller will keep the goods for 6 months after the date of issue of the notice. The seller is entitled to reimbursement of storage costs (1 € per day per selected product) as well as the right to reimbursement of all costs incurred during storage of goods.


You can return the already purchased goods and we will exchange them for other goods. Any difference in the value of the goods is paid extra. The cost of resending for other goods is borne by the buyer. Purchased goods can be replaced by the buyer only if they are undamaged, in the original packaging and unused. Goods can be exchanged within 14 days of receipt. Complaints are accepted within 14 days of receipt of the goods or a longer period, if explicitly stated in the promotional text or in the product warranty. Goods must be delivered by registered mail to the seller’s address. The seller’s address is listed in point 12. The seller does not cover the cost of the return. When returning, it is obligatory to add the buyer’s giro account to which the seller will return the money paid.


The seller undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of users in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The seller will use personal data exclusively for the purposes of order fulfillment (sending information material, offers, invoices) and all other necessary communication. In no case will the customer’s data be passed on to unauthorized persons. The user is responsible for the protection of personal data in a way that takes care of the security of his username and password. Vendor websites and stores are protected by technical and organizational measures against the loss, destruction, access, alteration and dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons, but despite regular control, your data may not be fully protected. In the event of a change, you will receive a notification of the change to your email address. If you don’t agree with that, let us know. The customer has the right to free information about all his data and, if necessary, to close and delete this data. If you have questions about the deletion, processing or use of your data, please report it to the seller’s email address.


The seller is obliged to provide the buyer at his request with information on previous purchases of the buyer. The buyer should send a request to the seller by email with the delivery of customer data so that the seller can unambiguously identify the buyer and find his past purchases. The seller has the right to verify the identity of the buyer before submitting data on previous purchases. The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with the data no later than eight days from the receipt of the buyer’s request with all the necessary information for the request.


The seller will contact the buyer through the online channel only if the user does not explicitly object. Promotional emails will contain the following elements:

  • they will be clearly and unambiguously indicated as promotional messages
  • the sender will be clearly visible
  • various promotions, promotions and other marketing techniques will be marked as such. The conditions for participating in them will also be clearly defined.
  • the method of unsubscribing from receiving advertising messages will be clearly presented
  • the seller will explicitly take into account the desire of the user to no longer wish to receive promotional messages. When ordering, you have explicitly given your consent to the seller to send you ads and other notices. If you do not want this, you will have to unsubscribe, which can also be done at the seller’s email address.


Promotional messages will be clearly visible (taking into account age) and clearly separated from games and competitions. Any communication aimed at children will be age-appropriate and will not take advantage of the child’s trust, lack of experience, or sense of loyalty. The seller must not accept orders from someone he knows or suspects is a child without the express permission of his parents or guardians. The seller may not accept any personal information about children without the express permission of their parents or guardians. The seller may also not disclose information received from children to third parties, with the exception of parents or guardians. The seller must not offer free access to products or services that are harmful to children.


The seller makes every effort to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information published on its website. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the item, delivery time or price may change so quickly that the seller fails to correct the information on its website. In such a case, the seller will notify the buyer of the changes and give him access to the order or replacement of the ordered products.

Electrical waste and electronic equipment (WEEE)
When you buy new electrical and electronic devices (EEE), you can dispose of waste electronic and electronic devices (WEEE) completely free of charge at all our points of sale. Electronic and electronic equipment (WEEE) that you leave must be defined by application and by classification by classes of electrical and electronic equipment. Furthermore, the number of pieces delivered should correspond to the quantity of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) delivered.


The buyer can exercise his rights under the title of actual error within the legal deadline (two years) to report actual errors 2 months from the date when the error was found. In the error notice, the consumer must accurately describe the error and allow the seller to inspect the item. The buyer can notify the seller of the defect by email, and the seller must issue a certificate. The seller must respond to the notification of the actual defect within 8 days at the latest. The consumer may, at his discretion, request: the elimination of the defect or the refund of part of the amount paid in respect of the defect or the replacement of a new faultless product or the refund of the amount paid.


The seller complies with applicable consumer protection laws. The seller will make every effort to fulfill its obligation to establish an effective complaint handling system and to designate a person with whom, in the event of a problem, the buyer can contact by email . Complaints should be submitted in writing to the seller’s email address. The seller’s address is listed in point 14. The seller will confirm within eight working days that he has received the complaint, inform the buyer how long the procedure will take and keep him informed about the progress of the procedure. The seller is aware that an important feature of a consumer dispute, at least in terms of litigation, is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. It is also a major obstacle for the consumer not to file a lawsuit. Therefore, the seller will make every effort to resolve any disputes amicably. Otherwise, the court with territorial jurisdiction over the permanent residence of the addressee has jurisdiction. Our company does not recognize any IPRS contractor. In case of disagreement, you can request an extraordinary settlement on this website: You can only use this service if you reside in the EU and if your retailer is based in the EU.


Customers who will share their opinion on any product with all the necessary information can receive a coupon worth 20.00 euros, for the purchase of products in the stores of the store manager. The comment must be written constructively and contain at least 300 characters. We accept opinions to the e-mail address of the store manager. Don’t forget to add both your nickname and rating. We will not publish any personal information on the website that would reveal the identity of the user. We reserve the right to reject opinions for any reason. By submitting your opinion or image, you agree that your opinion and / or image will be published on any of our websites. You also agree that we use your opinion and / or image for advertising purposes. By submitting your opinion, you guarantee that your opinion is based on real results, not fictitious ones.


The manager of the store and also the seller is the company:


Kajakaška cesta 040 B

1211 LjubljanaSlovenia

Registration number: 8295298000

VAT ID number: SI56533438

The company is in the VAT system.

2018/39903 – 10/09/2018

TRR / IBAN: SI56 0230 5026 2873 844


Contact Numbers: 

– +386 40 690 186 office number for payments 

For company contact:
[email protected]




 +386 30 366 365 

Contact e-mails:

[email protected]


The company listed on the invoice with the goods is responsible for your order. For all information, complaints, user opinions, revocations of orders, the online store manager is at your disposal at the e-mail address: [email protected] The company in charge of your order is clearly stated on the invoice attached to your order.


(Please fill out the form and send it to us only if you wish to withdraw from the contract.)

I hereby inform you that I withdraw from the contract for the following items:

Invoice number for items received:

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The money will be returned by bank transfer to the specified account number:

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